MICHELLE OTTER - Area Director for Warrington

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Welcome to the Warrington branch of ParentPreneur Networking!

After attending several meetings and getting a feel for what ParentPreneur Networking was all about, I decided that I wanted to play a bigger part and be more involved in organising meetings and forming a supportive network for ParentPreneurs in my local area.

Like many people, my career path has taken many turns over the years and it is surprising where I have found myself. Having completed a Law Degree and Masters in Human Resource Management, I felt certain that my career would always remain in the corporate world. How very wrong I was. Today, in addition to running the Warrington branch of ParentPreneur, I am the founder and owner of a picnic catering business called Little Wicker Picnics.

I have three children and fully appreciate how difficult it can be to attend networking meetings but I also understand how very important it is to meet other like-minded people. For this reason, the Warrington events will be held at a time planned around school pick up and drop off.

During our events, you are invited to showcase your business and tell us more about yourself and your business venture. Be sure to bring your business cards, leaflets or product samples. If you are struggling with something or would like some feedback, please feel free to ask the group. Together, we have a lot of knowledge and I am sure we can all learn a great deal from each other.

In addition to networking, a guest speaker will be invited to talk to the group about a particular business topic and/or a topic related to work/life balance. Speakers are carefully chosen to ensure ParentPreneurs leave the event with a little bit more knowledge and hopefully a lot more motivation to go out there and do what they do best.

There is also a Warrington Facebook group that you can join which works as an extension of the monthly event. There are weekly threads that allow you to plug your business and join in conversations about a variety of business topics.

I look forward to meeting you all at our next event! If you have an questions, please get in touch.


Tel: 07716 384783
Email – michi.otter84@gmail.com
Twitter – @MichiOtter


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ParentPreneur Special Offer:

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