About Kate Grosvenor

Welcome to the ParentPreneur South Sheffield Page. My name is Kate Grosvenor. Thank you so much for your interest in our events and trusting me with your time and energy, we work very hard to make sure it will be worth it!

I feel very blessed in my life as a mum of 3 amazing girls aged 8,10 and 15. I’m now, for the first time, feeling like I’m living a life that I’m supposed to have. I lead monthly events for parents, just like, you, who either have their own business or are thinking of starting their own business.

I also run my own business as a Manager & Senior Lifestyle Consultant with an amazing, luxury skincare, spa and lifestyle company called Temple Spa. I just love my job and all the amazing women and men I get to work with and so have been through all the joys and scary parts of setting up and running my own company.

My main career path used to be in education, and it was only after 15 years I realised that as I kept going up the education career ladder, I was seeing less and less of my children, teaching (which I loved) hardly at all, getting more and more grumpy and SICK! So I made the jump to my own running my own business and being able to fit my working life around my children, and not vice versa – what a revolution!

In fact, I’ve started several companies throughout my life and have had failures and successes along the way and have now found a good balance and what works for me – yeah!

When I first attended a ParentPreneur meeting it was an a-ha! moment as I realised that there were so many parents, just like me, looking that work/life balance and some friendly advice, which was fantastic! Our events will give you the opportunity to showcase your business and talk with like-minded people. We will have inspirational and informative speakers to learn from, on a variety of topics, who can help take the guesswork out of areas such as Social Media, Finance, Marketing, and much more. Even if you haven’t set up your own business yet but are considering it, this is a great place to start! Hope to see you soon, Kate x


Since 2001 the Refection Design Studio team have been successfully providing web design, development, database architecture, digital marketing services, SEO and more recently mobile development and marketing to smallstart-up and medium sized business across the UK.

If you’re looking to establish an online presence, re-work an outdated or tired looking design, drive more traffic to your website or simply establish a mobile presence, we can help create what you need at a price you can afford. We have a vast array of very happy customers and a highly experienced and friendly team who would be happy to discuss any requirements you may have, even if you just want to bounce some ideas off us.

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Reflection Design Studio
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Fi & Becs are a partnership of two creative sisters who provide flexible branding, design, copywriting and marketing services for businesses of all sizes.

Working with many small and start-up businesses – we’re approachable, quick and good at what we do. From bookshops to beauty salons, cake makers to architects, charities and hotels – we pride ourselves on being adaptable so our client base is very varied!

Our services include: logo design, website design, copywriting, branding, graphic design (leaflets, brochures, exhibition stands…) and product design – we will turn our skills to anything (within reason!) if our clients ask us to.

With an enthusiastic (perfectionist) attitude, we love helping businesses become distinctive, engaging and relevant to their customers. We don’t cost the earth, we often work in evenings (as we both have small children!) and we are very adaptable.

Becs is based in Altrincham, Greater Manchester and Fi is based in Halifax, West Yorkshire but we work with clients all over the UK and worldwide.

ParentPreneur Special Offer:

For all ParentPreneurs we provide a free initial discussion about marketing a new business, logo, website, leaflet etc. face-to-face or even over Skype conference call (if they live far away) – even if people just want to chat about an idea they have! We understand that small or start-up businesses might have very little money to spend so we can also work to your budget, just get in touch to have a chat!


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