Keep your business costs down and get skill swapping

Keep your business costs down and get skill swapping

Becoming an entrepreneur and setting up a new business is no easy task for anyone.  It takes time, dedication and guess what, MONEY!  It’s not unusual for a business to take months and in a lot of cases, years to become profitable.  ParentPreneur’s face additional challenges to get this initial start-up stage turned around into actually making money.

Less time – Mainly down to the fact we need to juggle childcare with running a business.  We may be lucky enough to have family support, but we mainly have to budget for an element of childcare or work evenings when the lovelies are asleep.

More outgoings – yes childcare costs again.  So more pressure to get things moving faster.  We also need to have a plan on how we are going to feed the little munchkins and clothe them, oh and send them on these lovely school trips.

We want to advertise and market our business, but it all cost money.  I know! Let’s do it all ourselves.  Well that takes time and potentially more money THAT I JUST DON’T HAVE.

If it’s a product based business I can get way better deals on bulk ordering, but I don’t have the money to back it up.  Maybe I should just increase my ordering slowly over time?  But then that is just taking my business longer TO MAKE MONEY.

Sometimes I just fancy treating myself to something nice.  A new piece of jewellery perhaps or a nice spa day.  But I could spend the money on my business and get things moving faster and really do I need those things? 

So here is a big fat solution to helping you out.  I have been doing it for years and its brilliant.  SKILL SWAPS! I have been watching parentpreneurs negotiate skill swaps at events and even on facebook, and it truly is fantastic and what brings ParentPreneur to life.

My latest skill swap was one of my framed map gifts for 9 sessions at the local bootcamp. Neither of us could afford each other’s products but had a demand for it.  So why not.  She has the perfect gift for her friend’s wedding and I have got something just for me that I have been meaning to do for ages.

ParentPreneur area directors do skill swaps to recruit partners all the time.  I just got off the phone to one of our Area Directors, she is promoting her venue as a partner in return for the use of the venue for free.  Everyone wins.  The venue gets promotion through ParentPreneur and the area gets a great venue for no cost.

Seriously think about what skills you want and what you can swap them for.  Also, do not be afraid to ask, as long as you make a fair offer, what is the worst they can do, say no thank you.

We would love to know what skill swaps you have done and any that you are looking for.  It’s all about connecting and helping each other achieve incredible things.

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