My ship called Dignity. I am on it!

My ship called Dignity. I am on it!

I woke up so bloody positive about the day.  My little superhero child woke up at 6.55am which is nothing short of a miracle.  All down to my new found essential oils helping my little superhero breath at night and not wake early because he is all bunged up.  Super happy.  All I needed to do this morning was to get superhero and princess ready by 9.30am for Mamar and Keithy to take them out for the day.  Having a couple of hours just for me this morning and then the rest of the day with Big and Clever on a date day.  I love date days as they are not all about getting pissed and we actually have a brilliant time.  Well mostly.

So I got up with superhero and started watching Mr Tumble, drinking coffee, checking emails and Facebook.  Then the shit hit the fan!!  There is a business that generally copies everything I do; it drives me insane.  Don’t get me wrong, they are good at what they do, but I just want them to piss off and get their own shit.  I make square posters; they make square posters.  I do a poll on Facebook; they do a poll on Facebook.  This morning’s complete revelation of them mirroring my work makes me want to punch this person in face.  It makes my blood boil.  Partly because of her actions, but mainly I am cross at myself for letting them get to me.

I had an email last week from a fellow ParentPreneur and has since become a great friend asking me for my advice.  A business in the same town as her was pretty much copying all her work.  Knowing how hard she has worked and what a lovely genuine person she is, I wanted to go and sort it for her, much like you want to go and sort playground antics for your kids.  Here is the email I recommended she send:

“Dear xx, I love your work, and I hope your business is going well.  I have noticed recently that some of our designs are very similar.  I would really appreciate the opportunity to work together and agree not to market the same designs.  I have worked really hard on building my brand and customer base as I am sure you have and would like their to be a clear definition of your fantastic work and my work. “   

Now why can’t I take my own advice?  Anyway back to my morning.

This has totally changed my vibe this morning and superhero and princess are saying “mummy…” every 30 seconds.  Its driving me mental.  Big and Clever is about to get up and I don’t want to start our date day on a negative note.  So I put on my essential oil diffuser, lavender mixed with a little lemon.  I take another coffee, go and sit in my shed and get my shit together.

Big and Clever finally makes an appearance, lovingly kisses me and says, “good morning are you ok?” To which I am honest and say, “well I am better than I was. Heavyflow has pissed me off.” We call her Heavyflow because she is the type of person to blame everything on her menstrual cycle.  Big and Clever, rolls his eyes and very positively says, “you need to get a handle on this.  I went on a course this week; I think I can help.”  GREAT! F*cking GREAT!

The kids are collected and off they go. They both ask why I am still in my pyjama’s.  I crack some eggs for Big and Clever and make him poached eggs on toast, whilst he cracks on with his “work from home” morning.  When I present him with the eggs, he says, “these eggs are the best, you are so wonderful, I love you”.  To which I respond, “ok, whatever”.  He says, “I genuinely mean that, why do you think I am taking the piss?”.  Me, “I don’t think you are taking the piss, I think you are smooth talking to make want to do it again.”  To which he responds super kindly, “you need to learn to take a compliment.  I went on a course to help you with this.”

I am still raging about Heavyflow’s copying of my stuff, so off I go on a run, to gather some clarity on my emotions.  Straight away I have a word with myself!  Deal with this like a pro and have some dignity!  So the first song that I run to, which is an all-time favourite, DIGNITY!!!  And all of a sudden the world is a better place.

We are off to play a little dive-in golf, have some lunch and a few vino’s.  I am now genuinely wanting to hear about the course that Big and Clever is going to tell me all about, and I no longer have those negative feelings that could quite easily spoilt my day!

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