In the footsteps of a ParentPreneur.  To be continued.

In the footsteps of a ParentPreneur. To be continued.

So it’s been a busy old week in the Stevenson mad house!
Never quite sure why as parents we put ourselves under so much pressure but it was Kyle’s party on Saturday not content with normal party bags I have to go that extra mile, I think more to impress the mums than the kids.  So Friday evening was spent putting together Popcorn boxes with sweets, balloons, whoopee cushions & Olympic medals!!
Birthday party on Saturday went down a treat, climbing wall followed by pizza which was late grrrr.  Then home to the mad house and a family BBQ to celebrate the big mans birthday, which incidentally wasn’t until Wednesday.
All back to school on Tuesday primary 5 all ready no tears from mummy though glad of the routine again and with the launch of ParentPreneur Aberdeenshire in a month I still had a venue and guest speaker to sort.
Wednesday saw the arrival of my 9-year-old where does time go?  Off to school, work and grans for us all but home for presets dinner and cake by 4.30 fab time had by all, mummy event got a glass of vino.  To top off a great day I also secured and ongoing venue for ParentPreneur Aberdeenshire 
Glad that the end of the week arrived house and more importantly cooker needed a clean and my ironing pile was coming close to being a Munro mountain to climb!!  Whilst ploughing my way through the mountain I secured our guest speaker and all was good with the world this really is what multi tasking is about.
I’m finishing the week with a large glass of well-deserved wine looking at my nails thinking new GelMoment colour for you tomorrow.  I really do have the best job – mum, wife, customer account manager, GelMoment distributer and best of all ParentPreneur Area Director ……. Superwoman signing out!!

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