Starting a business is costly in time and set up costs and can be lonely. Websites can cost anything from hundreds to thousands, then there is logo design, letterheads, promotional material and more. You need to decide on your pricing, your offering, what to sell and how to sell it, and work out who your customer is.

By working with ParentPreneur we have done this for you. You are buying a brand, a business in a box. We offer initial comprehensive training to get you started, and continual mentoring and support, especially in the first 6 months.

The training is worked around you, and of course you get the website, business cards and other promotional materials, email address and much more. Starting a business can be daunting, so if you feel that this is the business type for you, but you don’t want to go it alone, then contact us for further information about joining a growing ParentPreneur team of people like you.


As a Parentpreneur Area Director you will be able to earn some excellent commission and be responsible for creating, promoting and hosting events in your chosen area.  As an Area Director you will also be involved in up-selling advertising and also recruiting other area directors. To apply to join our ever expanding team please complete the simple registration form below.


“I absolutely love working with ParentPreneur Networking. It gives me the opportunity to meet and work with likeminded people while building a great community of parents  each with their own business. There is a shared passion for helping and supporting each other  and the training and support you get as an area director is second to none. I have seen an increase in my own personal development which has helped  me support and motivate my team.  I come away from every meeting feeling inspired and I get a real buzz from seeing genuine people helping and encouraging each other to achieve some pretty incredible things.”

Anneliese Barrell, ParentPreneur Area Director.